Who owns my new website?


You do. Your website is essentially a collection of content and you own the content when your website is finished. Exceptions could be some of the stock photographs on your website that are “royalty-free” or “licensed-for-reuse”, which means that we’ve paid a one-time fee for the right to use them, or that nobody owns or controls the image(s); or other copyrighted content for which you or we have usage rights, but not ownership.  The CMS that runs your website is open-source (WordPress) so nobody owns it.  We also use a “theme” for which we pay a one-time license fee for unlimited use, and you own this license once your website is online.  Finally, we may use “plugins” or custom CSS on your website for which we’ve paid a one-time license fee; these also belong to you.  Please contact us for more information.